Land Grabs having ‘devastating impact on women and girls’

Statement by Dorothy Kwennah Toomann Executive Director, Development Education Network Liberia:

“Land grab by multinational companies through the Liberian Government is having devastating impact particularly on Liberian women and girls particularly those who farming is the only source of their livelihood.

Most women and girls in our county continue to live with the realities of violence of all types and taking away their land (also the source their existence) leaves them with no hope and means for survival and this undermine sustainable peace and development in Liberia.

We call on the People and Government of Ireland, who stood with Liberia and its people during and after our civil crisis for a better Liberia, to join President Michael D. Higgins’ call to action at the Hunger-Nutrition-Climate Justice conference in Dublin Castle this week.

We must take joint actions to address the ‘structural issues within the global financial arrangement’ in our one world that are undermining women, peace and security through accelerating land grabs in Liberia and the rest of the Global South.”

Dorothy Kwennah Toomann

Executive Director, Development Education Network-Liberia