Trade, land and gender justice in Liberia 

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Trade, land and gender justice in Liberia

 How can we integrate a feminist analysis into our practice in Liberia and beyond?

A World Cafe style event hosted by the Liberia Solidarity Group discussing the intersection of trade, land and gender justice 

Irish Aid Volunteering and Information Centre, O Connell Street, Dublin 1

Monday 1 July 2013, 18.15-20:00

This world café event will begin with the launch the Liberia Solidarity Group’s Trade Justice and Gender briefing paper by Dorothy Tooman, Director of the Development Education Network-Liberia.

This paper outlines some of the intersecting issues between gender equality, trade justice and land rights in Liberia and the Global South more broadly

As LSG begins a new project on women, human rights and trade justice, this event seeks to start a dialogue which will bring together interested practitioners and activists.

In this and future conversations we hope to develop a broad analysis of how issues such as trade liberalisation, land grabbing and insecurity of tenure are affecting women and girls in the Global South. From this dialogue we can begin to explore how to build a feminist analysis into our practice in Liberia and beyond.

Tea and coffee will be provided from 18.00.

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